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Gold Digger? At Age 52, Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Karrin Taylor Robson Married an 86-Year-Old Billionaire

34 years is an unusual age difference when it comes to a married couple. When the elder of the two is a billionaire, it’s fair to ask if the younger married for the money. That’s the case with Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson, 57, and her billionaire husband Ed Robson, 91.

The couple’s financial status is playing out well for her in the race for the Republican nomination for Governor of Arizona. She has loaned her campaign around half of the money it has raised and has used it primarily to attack frontrunner Kari Lake. For transparency, I have endorsed Lake so it’s impossible for me to be unbiased. But facts are facts. Even if I wasn’t following the race at all, I would have the same questions about the convenient marriage to the billionaire who also happens to be a popular philanthropic figure in Arizona.

It’s noteworthy that finding information about the couple has been challenging. One would think that a major player in Arizona politics who is married to a billionaire would prompt plenty of information. But Ed Robson, oddly, doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page despite being extremely well known in the state and across the nation. I can appreciate privacy, but there seems to have been a strong effort to prevent pertinent information from being published online.

Local journalists haven’t asked about the age difference or motives behind the marriage. Other than age and political expediency, there are no indications that the marriage is anything other than what it appears to be on the surface. That’s a bit concerning considering that a politician and one of the richest men in the state do not appear to get out and about very often. Ed Robson turns 92 in two months, so that could be part of the reason.

Karrin Taylor Robson’s campaign has painted her as a “conservative” and an outsider, but neither appears to be true. Based on the connections she’s made and the many endorsements she has received from RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), she seems to be very aligned with the GOP Establishment. As for being an outsider, she has been involved in Arizona politics for years. She was reportedly being considered by RINO Governor Doug Ducey as his appointment to the U.S. Senate after the death of Senator John McCain.

The primary campaign has been arguably the ugliest in the nation with Democrat-aligned PACs, RINO PACs, and Robson’s campaign spending millions to attack Lake. They keep pointing out the small donations Lake made to Democrats in the past, but they neglect to note that President Donald Trump had donated large sums of money to help Democrats get elected before becoming a Republican.

Trump has endorsed Lake, who has the lion’s share of endorsements from America First pundits and politicians. RINOs have generally attacked her as she represents a shift from status quo Republicanism, just as they opposed Donald Trump’s nomination in 2016 for the same reasons.

It’s impossible to know if Karrin Taylor Robson is a “gold digger” or if she married an extremely rich 86-year-old out of love. She’ll never answer the question because no journalists in Arizona are motivated to ask.

Image via Robson Ranch Views.