God Complex_ WA Gov. Jay Inslee Says He's the Only One Who Can Save Lives in His State

God Complex: WA Gov. Jay Inslee Says He’s the Only One Who Can Save Lives in His State

It’s not advisable to take any out-of-context statement and run with it for a story, but Washington Governor Jay Inslee is the exception. In no context are the words he said earlier acceptable because it elevates his status and diminishes everyone else.

What could he have said that is so egregious? “There’s only one person in the state of Washington who has the capability to save those lives right now and it happens to be the governor of the state of Washington.”

Here’s the video:

Inslee has taken it on himself to drive Pandemic Panic Theater as far as he can ride it. Covid-19 has given him an opportunity to fully flex his authoritarianism and the people of Washington have suffered as a result. From draconian mandates to anti-science edicts, not to mention corrupt choices to fight the pandemic for his state, Inslee has been arguably the most disastrous governor in the nation when it comes to handling Covid… disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo notwithstanding.

The narcissism on display here goes beyond the standard delusions of grandeur inherent in politicians. Jay Inslee has a God Complex. Only he has the ability to save the lives of Washingtonians, and that should terrify anyone living there.