Bill Gates Communism

Globalist — Depopulationist — Eugenicist — Now We Can Add Communist to the List of Words That Describe Bill Gates

One would think that a man who made his immense riches through western capitalism would appreciate freedoms, both personal and economic. But vaxx-pushing conman Bill Gates is not your average capitalist. In fact, his wealth simply enables him to enact his real goals of depopulating the world through totalitarian control. For this, he has a system in mind that he adores: Chinese-style communism.

According to Fox Business [emphasis added]:

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that China’s rise is a “huge win for the world” during an interview in Australia on Monday. Gates made the comment during an interview with the Lowy Institute, a think tank based in Sydney, Australia.

I tend to see China’s rise as a huge win for the world,” Gates said. “I mean, that’s 20% of humanity. They today match their portion of the global economy, and their portion of the global population match exactly, you know, countries like Australia, U.S., we have per capita GDP’s five times what the Chinese have. So we have a disproportionate share of the world’s economy.”

His comments about the communist country came in response to a question asking Gates how “bullish” he was on China.

“You know, I do think the current mentality of the U.S. to China and which is reciprocated is kind of a lose-lose mentality, that if you ask U.S. politicians ‘hey, would you like the Chinese economy to shrink by 20% or grow by 20%,’ I’m afraid they would vote that ‘yeah, let’s immiserate those people,’ not understanding that for the global economy, the invention of cancer drugs, the solution of climate change, you know we’re all in this together.”

While painting China’s rise positively, Gates acknowledged that the country is “not a democracy,” and is an “outlier today in terms of that level of wealth and still being as autocratic as they are.”

During the interview, Gates also said that the U.S. is politically in a weak state, adding that countries like China need to play a bigger role in world governance.

This isn’t really all that new. Gates has pandered to China for decades. But for him to promote their form of communism to a western audience is something he would not have been able to do just a few years ago. Today, he has no need to hide his true feelings for two reasons. First, he has enough clout to survive any scandal; if the stink of Jeffrey Epstein couldn’t make him a full-blown pariah, touting China is small potatoes. Second, many leftists feel the same way as he does and would love to see us become the Communist States of America.

As the machinations of the globalist elite cabal continue to manifest, the powers-that-be are bringing their destructive ideas out of the shadows and displaying them proudly to a feeble-minded people in this post-truth society.

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