Glenn Greenwald’s Prediction in 2020 About the Biden-Harris Regime Is Spooky Accurate

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald has built his career around stopping government overreach and exposing the many evils of the Deep State, among other players in Washington DC. He’s not a conservative nor is he a leftist. He’s a guy who wants government reined in and the American people to flourish regardless of political affiliation.

This is why his prediction in October, 2020, ahead of the elections and after the clear media and Deep State takedown of the Hunter Biden laptop story, is so pertinent today.

If Biden wins, that’s going to be the power structure: a Democratic Party fully united with neocons, Bush/Cheney operatives, CIA/FBI/NSA, Wall St & Silicon Valley: presenting itself as the only protection against fascism. And much of the left will continue marching behind it.

Nailed it. Unfortunately.

The only thing Greenwald missed in his prediction is that “much of the left will continue marching behind it.” It’s not “much.” The vast majority of leftists are in lockstep with the rising tyranny emanating from Washington DC today.

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