Glenn Greenwald Sweeps the Leg on Judd Apatow’s Call to Censor Fox News

Hollywood leftist Judd Apatow is known for exemplifying the mindset of the Democrat Party and progressives in general. That’s why his call for government to censor Fox News was so Apatow apropos and why it was initially met with cheers from fellow leftists.

Then, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald chimed in. The beatdown was so lopsided that Apatow deleted the original Tweet.

“Why doesn’t the FCC take down the license for Fox News?” he asked.

Judd Apatow

Even if we dismiss the ludicrous nature of the Tweet — Fox News doesn’t need a license that can the FCC can revoke — we cannot ignore the authoritarianism that is indicative of today’s Democrat Party. Dissenting views should simply not be allowed in the minds of leftists, so they’d prefer government solutions to just make them disappear altogether.

Greenwald’s Twitter thread is an epic “sweep the leg” moment that exposed Apatow and leftists in general:

There are many areas in which the left is demonstrably wrong, but free speech and freedom of thought are arguably the most egregious. It’s good to have people like Greenwald out there calling the left out for their insanity.