Glenn Greenwald Obliterates CIA-Backed Mainstream Media Outlets for Censoring Hunter Biden Bombshells

Glenn Greenwald Obliterates CIA-Backed Mainstream Media Outlets for Censoring Hunter Biden Bombshells

If you or anyone you know is still foolish enough to listen to mainstream media without questioning every narrative they unveil, you need to read the important thread by Glenn Greenwald below. The co-founder of The Intercept who left his own publication after editors refused to let him discuss the Hunter Biden laptop story from last year unloaded on as many of them as he could squeeze into the thread following “confirmation” in a new book about to be released.

I will post his comments first for those blocked by Twitter, then follow them with the actual Tweets:

POLITICO reporter @SchreckReports has a new book *confirming* the emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop about Joe Biden’s business deals in China & Ukraine are genuine. People complaining about pre-election censorship by Google in Russia cheered Big Tech’s censoring this reporting.

I have a copy of Schreckinger’s important book and will write about it shortly. 2 points:

  1. Kudos to him, as a young journalist, for reporting facts most in the corporate media don’t want to hear.
  2. Big Tech/Dem censorship of this story before the election was a grave assault

As a reminder, this is what happened:

  • It was obvious from the start the Hunter docs were authentic.
  • They concerned *Joe’s* activities, not Hunter’s.
  • CIA lied, saying it was “Russian disinformation.”
  • Big Tech & media united to *censor* the reporting to protect Biden.

One last reminder: @TheIntercept — founded in 2014, before the current editors arrived, to be *adversarial* to CIA/security state — used an ex-NYT reporter to mindlessly endorse the CIA lie that the Hunter docs were “Russian disinformation” out of desperation to help Biden win.

The Intercept was founded on the view that it was urgent to have media outlets adversarial to the CIA’s lies, and to counteract the NYT’s form of reporting. Instead, its new editors hired NYT reporters to oversee coverage and endorse CIA’s lies on Oct. 21.

It’s so easy to recognize and denounce the censorship, repression and propaganda in distant countries we’re taught from childhood to hate (Russia). It’s more more difficult — and more important — to recognize it in our own. Pre-election censorship of this story was a disgrace.

One final point: when Facebook announced that it would algorithmically suppress this reporting, it did so through a life-long Dem operative, @andymstone, who claimed it was being done only until they did a “fact-check” on the docs. It never came. Why? Because the docs were real.

Amazingly, Facebook and @andymstone — having interfered in our elections by suppressing a story that the CIA, the Intercept and other media outlets lied about by claiming it was Russia disinformation — now refuses to answer questions about the outcome of that “fact-check.”

I was on Joe Rogan’s show the week Big Tech and the corporate media were using the CIA lie about the Hunter docs to censor. This was a few days before I quit the Intercept because they wouldn’t let me write about it. It was so clear what was going on.

One interesting aspect of the fact that it’s a POLITICO reporter with a new book confirming the authenticity of the Hunter docs: It was POLITICO — through the co-Queen of Russiagate frauds, @NatashaBertrand — who first used CIA to dismiss the docs as “Russian disinformation.”

Beyond the Intercept — of all places — laundering CIA lies to justify its refusal to allow reporting on the Biden archive, here were the two most repulsive examples. 1) The NPR Public Editor on why it refused to discuss the story:

“Why haven’t you seen any stories from NPR about the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story? Read more in this week’s newsletter➡️”

2) CNN’s @camanpour — the week before the election — explicitly refusing to discuss the reporting on the Biden family by claiming that it’s not the media’s job to determine if the documents are or are not authentic. Watch this shit.

Now that a reporter from POLITICO — the first outlet to spread the lie that the Biden docs were “Russian disinformation” — has confirmed their authenticity, we’ll have a full video report tonight on @rumblevideo (a free speech platform) about all this.

The pre-election joint censorship campaign by the media, Big Tech & CIA was always a gigantic story. The CIA spun an outright lie about these docs that helped these platforms censor the docs while *journalists* cheered that. In light of this new book, it’s time to re-visit it.

What’s most amazing about all of this is that the NYT/CNN/NBC/HuffPost/Vox axis will spend countless hours objecting to Big Tech censorship before the election in Russia, while they themselves perpetrated the same thing in the US, and will now ignore these new revelations.

Please watch this video from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer show shortly before the election. Now that we have (more) proof that the Biden docs were always genuine, just watch how these people lie. If this doesn’t make you furious, and you don’t despise this part of the media, you’re wrong.

That state TV propagandist from CNN explicitly said they *know* that the Hunter Biden docs are “Russian disinformation.” He said he *knows.* How did he know? Because FBI officials told him. You can’t get lower or more toxic than these corporate media people.

Look at the campaign video @HuffPost produced for Joe Biden masquerading as a pre-election “news report” that was full of lies: no other way to say it. And their *only* basis was mimicking CIA’s claims. Again, however much you despise these media outlets, it’s not enough.

We’re working on a definitive video report of how the corporate media, CIA and Big Tech united to lie about the Biden documents before the election and *censor* them from the internet – it will be up tonight – and it’s beyond infuriating how purposely and relentlessly they lied.

Journalists are supposed to have the skills and resources to reveal the truth about organizations like the CIA. Today’s agenda-driven journalists are now owned and operated by the CIA. It’s arguably the most troubling development of the modern era.