Get Your Wrong-Thinking Relatives The Best Night’s Sleep Of Their Lives (And See If They Thank Mike Lindell)

We’ve all got relatives with the wrong beliefs.

You know the ones – they believe Trump colluded with the Russians. They believe CNN is a news channel. They believe Joe Biden got 81 million votes.

When they come to stay with you for the holidays, it’s gonna be tough.

They’re gonna parrot crazy talking points. They’re going to want you to agree, but you can’t. Because you can’t agree with lies.

Fortunately, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve.

Because when they go to bed at your house, they’ll go to bed with MyPillows and Giza Dream Sheets over a MyPillow deluxe mattress pad. And they’ll sleep under a MyPillow down comforter (click here and on the links below to get the deepest discounts and benefit The Liberty Daily at the same time).

The next morning, your liberal relatives will wake up refreshed and with, quite possibly, the best night’s sleep of their lives.

Who knows? With a great night’s sleep, maybe they’ll start thinking straight (maybe that’s Mike Lindell’s secret plan to save America?).

When they come to the kitchen for coffee, just wait.

They’ll start saying their neck feels better from that amazing pillow. They’ll talk about how smooth the sheets were. They’ll say how cozy the down comforter was.

Is that when you tell them to thank Mike Lindell for their great night’s sleep? Or do you wait?

When you tell them is up to you.

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Will your liberal relatives do it?

Unlike liberals, we don’t coerce people.

We give them the choice and hope they take it.

We tell them what people are saying about MyPillows:

— “I love my MyPillow. I later bought one for my husband, then my sister-in-law and her husband, then another one for my granddaughter who asked for one, now another one for another granddaughter who asked for one and one another for for the guest room. These two will make a total of seven pillows that I’ve purchased. I won’t spend one evening away from home without bringing my MyPillow with me.”

— “I was skeptical at first. I really thought that I had made a mistake. This is now my favorite pillow and I am going to order another one. Thanks, Mike !!!”

— “I bought a pillow for myself, and I slept comfortably from day one! My husband used it for a nap and asked for one for his birthday (which he got). We both love the pillows. Great product and great company.”

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We tell them they’re not the only ones raving about Mike’s luxurious Giza Dream Sheets:

— “These are the best sheets! Worth every penny. They wash up well, have deep pockets to fit any mattress and they have a luxurious feels” – Dave

— “These sheets are the nicest I’ve ever owned. They are so soft and comfortable and fit my large extra mattress with a foam topper perfectly” – Kay

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We tell them lots of people love MyPillow’s mattress topper as much as they do: 

“I was considering a new mattress but decided to try this topper first. GREAT DECISION!!! I highly recommend!” – Bob

“I tried this sleep topper with reluctance. My new mattress was too firm and I ended up sleeping in my recliner much of the night. After purchasing this mattress topper, I found it was a complete miracle. It was the perfect firmness molding to me. I’m very satisfied and it saved me from getting a new mattress.” – Lauryn

Mike says, “I personally guarantee it’s going to change your bed into the most comfortable bed you’ll ever own.”

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Lastly, we tell them all the amazing features that come with Mike Lindell’s down comforter:

– It’s made with high quality White Goose Down
– It has Baffle-Box construction keeps fill in place and prevents clumping in one spot
– It boasts a 100% cotton shell, 400 Thread Count
– It comes with a 10-Year Warranty & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Will a great night’s sleep make your wrong-thinking relatives become conservatives overnight?

Probably not.

But over lots of nights of great sleep and plenty of rest?

Maybe. Just maybe.

All we can do is try!

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