Get Out of Chicago_ Police May Go to Half Strength as Lori Lightfoot's Medical Tyranny Hits Deadline

Get Out of Chicago: Police May Go to Half Strength as Lori Lightfoot’s Medical Tyranny Hits Deadline

If you live in or near Chicago, it’s time to leave. The crime-ridden city is almost certainly going to be taken over by criminals in the coming weeks or even days as Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s efforts to vaccinate everyone hits its deadline for city employees.

Members of the Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago are rallying to oppose her medical tyranny with as many as half of the force choosing to not comply with her demands that they disclose their vaccine status before today. It has even sparked a legal battle between the city and FOP President John Catanzara, who has been barred by a judge from speaking out against the mandates.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the police union are staring down a stalemate over the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Local Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara directed members to defy Friday’s deadline to report their shot status. The mayor warned of discipline if they do.

On Friday she took matters a step further, announcing the city’s Law Department has filed legal action seeking court intervention against the FOP and Catanzara “for engaging in, supporting, and encouraging a work stoppage or strike.” The union is not allowed to strike.

Catanzara and the FOP in turn filed their own lawsuit against the city, Lightfoot and police Superintendent David Brown.

Late Friday, a judge issued an injunction against Catanzara, precluding him from publicly encouraging his members to disobey vaccine reporting rules.

Despite the gag order, local police packed a FOP meeting to the point that an overflow area had to be set up on the patio on Friday. Vaccinated or not, the requirements to either get jabbed or submit to self-supplied testing twice per week goes against their worldview in a free nation.

The city blinked in light of the deadline having come and gone. While they’re not backing down on their requirements, they’re claiming they will not be sending home police officers until they’re able to go through all of the paperwork that has already been filed. This is a delay tactic as they try to figure out how to force or coax compliance. The threat of being put on unpaid leave didn’t seem to do the trick, so they’re scrambling to find another avenue.

According to Thomas Lifson at American Thinker:

So, the specter of an apocalypse of fewer cops and thugs running wild is being postponed. One option that I suspect is being explored by Lightfoot and Illinois Democrat Governor Jay Pritzker is calling up the National Guard. But that carries a lot of risks, because Guardsmen are not trained in law enforcement and, as has happened in other situations of urban unrest, may resort to an armed response quicker and more readily than trained cops. Especially if they are fired upon by the very well-armed gang members who don’t seem to be encumbered by Illinois’s strict gun control laws.

Either the radical leaders in Chicago will back down or Chicago is going to turn into more of a war zone than it already is in the coming weeks. Winter is coming in Chicago, and it could get very cold for those stuck there.