German Court Rules YouTube Cannot Suspend Accounts for Sharing Covid 'Misinformation'

German Court Rules YouTube Cannot Suspend Accounts for Sharing Covid ‘Misinformation’

American politicians and judges, pay attention. A German court has ruled that YouTube cannot arbitrarily suspend accounts that express concerns over Covid-related topics ranging from lockdowns to face masks to vaccines.

YouTube has taken their already-draconian censorship to much higher levels in recent weeks, handing out suspensions and bans to individual creators and news outlets like candy on Halloween. Most recently, YouTube suspended the German accounts for Russian news outlets RT over Covid ‘misinformation’, prompting Moscow to threaten a complete ban of the Google-owned video property.

American politicians, mostly Republicans, have been talking about ending censorship and holding Big Tech companies accountable for using their powers to suppress content based on their far-left political bias. Thus far, nothing has been done in DC and only a handful of states have made real attempts to pass legislation stopping censorship.

Covid-19 “misinformation” in the eyes of Big Tech is anything that goes against the narrative handed down by the powers-that-be. Anything that does not promote universal vaccinations and total government control is taboo on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

It would be ironic if Germany leads the way for governments to start pushing back against Big Tech tyranny. As I said before, American politicians and judges need to pay attention.