George Soros House

George Soros Swatted

(Discern Report)—Billionaire George Soros’ Southampton Village estate in New York was reportedly targeted in a swatting incident on Saturday, joining a list of high-profile individuals who have recently fallen victim to similar 911 pranks.

According to the New York Post, the Southampton Village Police Department received a 911 call around 9 p.m. on Saturday, claiming a shooting incident and a threat of suicide at Soros’ mansion on Old Town Road. Officers responded promptly, but the call turned out to be a false alarm, as confirmed by Southampton Village Detective Sergeant Herman Lamison.

The police radio traffic recording obtained by the Post revealed that officers spoke to security, conducted a thorough search, and concluded that there was no real problem at the location.

George Soros has been known for supporting various far-left prosecutor candidates, such as Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Kim Foxx in Chicago, and former DA Kim Gardner in St. Louis, as part of his broader efforts to reform the criminal justice system.

Beyond supporting prosecutors, Soros has contributed to overhauling the criminal justice system through organizations like the Open Society Policy Center. This Soros-funded advocacy nonprofit directed $15.18 million to Future Forward USA Action in 2022 for research and content testing on critical policy issues. Future Forward USA Action, affiliated with President Biden’s main outside super PAC for the 2024 elections, has been linked to evaluating key policy matters.

Notably, Soros is the latest prominent figure to experience a swatting incident in recent weeks. Other targets include Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, whose home was swatted after she disqualified former President Trump from the state’s 2024 Republican presidential primary ballot. Republican U.S. Reps. Brandon Wiliams and Marjorie Taylor Greene were swatting victims on Christmas Day, and Ohio Republican state Rep. Kevin D. Miller reported a swatting incident on Tuesday.

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