Santos Williams

George Santos Calls for Former Colleague Brandon Williams to Resign After Video Shows Him Berating His Staff

(Based Underground)—Since being expelled from Congress, George Santos has gone on the warpath. He has been pointing out clear instances of members of Congress committing worse actions than what he did to get the boot.

His latest target is Republican Congressman Brandon Williams.

According to Santos:

Update on the outlandish behavior of @RepWilliams.

I am told that there will be an ethics complaint filed with OCE and potentially a police report for assault.

A very Drunken Brandon Williams attacked two former staffers who resigned from his officer earlier this year due to his terrible temperament and awful treatment of his staff.

Brandon on Thursday November 30th physically assaulted one of the staffers after he threatened the other one by saying he would end him.

Long story short, this is just more exposure of the rot and decay of the pompous assholes in Washington DC that “represent” no one but themselves.

Rep Williams should resign in disgrace for attacking young staffers and always being in a drunken tirade in the chambers reeking of alcohol.

I don’t have a horse in the race so I won’t file the complaint but look forward to sharing a copy of it when it’s given to me.

He has a point. Here’s the report from WHAM about Williams:

A video shared with CNY Central shows Republican Rep. Brandon Williams berating a former staffer.

Rep. Williams’ office says that this was in retaliation for vile comments made against his wife and daughter but others familiar with the situation are bewildered by Rep. Williams’ actions.

The video captures 24 seconds of a heated exchange between Rep. Williams and Michael Gordon, his former chief of staff and campaign manager, at a Thursday night party at the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. In the video, Rep. Williams is seen swearing at Gordon, saying in part, “You f*** with my family, I’ll end every relationship you have.”

It seems that an unleashed George Santos may be a far bigger problem now for the UniParty Swamp than he was when he was a member.