General Michael Flynn Obliterates Obama With Thermonuclear Tweet

General Michael Flynn says what he means and means what he says. He doesn’t mince words, even when replying to a former President of the United States. Barack Obama learned this after attempting to virtue signal against Republicans.

Obama posted a Tweet condemning the Tennessee legislature for ousting two former members who disrupted legislative proceedings with a bullhorn while protesters worked their disruptions from outside the chamber.

General Flynn responded:

How about telling this to the parents of a 9 year old child who’s nearly unrecognizable body was completely riddled with bullets by a transgender psycho likely pumped up on hormone blockers and steroids. You should mind your manners Mr. President. We are sick and tired of your bull$h!t. How about offering condolences to the families who tragically lost loved ones. Have a nice day.

According to Evita Duffy-Alfonso from The Federalist:

To be clear, a mob of insurrectionists halting Tennessee’s legislative process with the aid of assemblymembers is actually undemocratic, as was the politicians’ decisions to egg them on. Jones and Pearson are simply facing the consequences of subverting American democracy.

Further, Democrats, notably Biden and Obama, have spent the last decade targeting their political opponents and eroding democratic norms and standards in the process. Obama’s Internal Revenue Service infamously targeted conservative organizations, and his administration spied on the Trump campaign under knowingly false pretenses.

Under Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), Jan. 6 demonstrators, many of whom were truly peaceful, were thrown in jail for two years without due process and slandered by a months-long Congressional show trial that maliciously hid exculpatory surveillance footage from the public and the defendants’ lawyers.

Despite the similarities between what happened on Jan. 6, 2020, and March 30, 2023, Biden, Obama, and the rest of the Democrats, insist the Tennessee insurrection was peaceful, but Jan. 6 was an affront to democracy and a national tragedy akin to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Civil War.

In our post-truth society, people like General Flynn will be vilified for speaking the truth while Obama will be heralded for speaking lies.