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General Michael Flynn Decimates Mueller-Lackey Andrew Weissmann in One Tweet

If there’s one thing General Michael Flynn has proven during his time in the spotlight, it’s that he doesn’t mince words. He cuts to the chase and as an adamant supporter of President Donald Trump, Flynn has demonstrated a willingness to go after those who attack his former boss.

Andrew Weissmann decided to go after Trump with ludicrous accusations on Friday. As an attorney and former attack dog for then-FBI Director Robert Mueller, Weissmann should know better than to make baseless claims that could instigate poor reactions.

He did it anyway, Tweeting, “If Trump is elected, he will never leave office. He will seek to have the Constitution changed to permit more than 2 terms. And will claim victory in all new elections.”

This didn’t sit well with General Flynn.

.@AWeissmann_ you sound scared. And in the military, we counsel, if you’re scared say you’re scared…p#%sy. Get a life you sniveling POS.

As leftwing conspiracy theories go, the notion that President Trump would change the Constitution to stay in the Oval Office beyond 2029 is up there on the ludicrous scale.