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General Flynn Describes Today’s Democrats Perfectly . . . By Quoting Mao Tse-Tung

Anyone who took a history class prior to the current woke-takeover of education can see the parallels between the communist regime of Mao Tse-Tung and the current Democrat Party in the United States. Both focused on disarming the people and keeping them quiet. Both did so in the name of defending their government.

General Michael Flynn pulled a quote from Mao that could be echoed perfectly by any of today’s radicals on the left. Sadly, they’d do it with a straight face and without a hint of irony because it’s what they truly believe.

As General Flynn noted:

This Mao quote below is starting to sound more and more familiar here in America. Never thought we’d be here? Well here we are! Commit yourselves to freedom before we lose every bit of ours to a tyrannical and overreaching government. Local Action = National Impact. Time is now to Stand up, Step Up, and Speak Up!

The tyranny will continue until they win or until we stop them. This will not end on its own. We must not let them win.