Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes Exposes Why the Left is Winning

Gavin McInnes joined The Alex Jones Show to warn the Right to unite because the Left is winning.

“This is the thing about the left. They have… they’re unified to a fault. They’ll take in any looney, tranny, pedophile that… they’ve got their back. They’ve got Biden’s back. They have Fetterman’s back,” he said.

“We have the opposite problem. If someone has one imperfection, if Trump is too braggadocios, if Elon Musk talked to the ADL, if Ben Shapiro doesn’t support, you know, Nick Fuentes, we should shut everyone down and we’re all divided. That’s not me. I’m a hippy, man. If you want less government and free speech, then I’m with you. We’ve got to unify these antigovernment groups because the left is winning,” he said.

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