Gaslighting Tweet of the Decade: Delusional Dictator Biden Picks a New Target to Blame for Gas Price Crisis

The Biden regime has blamed Vladimir Putin, oil companies, Donald Trump, Covid-19, and Vladimir Putin again for the skyrocketing gas prices. None of it stuck. The people blame the regime and rightfully so. But instead of finally coming out and acknowledging that their own failures and policies (one in the same) caused this problem, they’ve chosen a new target upon which to attempt to gaslight the nation.

They decided to do it on social media, which is about as ludicrous as it sounds. People can respond, and their responses have been some of the most brutal this failed regime has seen. Here’s the Tweet:

“My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril. Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product. And do it now.”

Gas station owners across the country have struggled through the Biden economy as much if not more than most small businesses. They are conscious of the rising costs of fuel and have cut the minuscule profits they used to get to non-existent levels. Some stations have gone in the red with their gas prices in hopes of making it back on other purchases. THESE are the people the Biden regime has decided to target.

Responses were ugly:

Shay Patrick Cormac: “They are charging a price that reflects what they are paying for gas. The US government makes more on each gallon of gas sold than the oil companies do.”

Catturd: “OMG … 😂😂😂😂this idiot is unreal.”

Greg: “Thank you for this tweet mr president. My local gas stations all dropped their prices $2 instantly because they had your tweet notifications on”

David Giglio: “My message to the @POTUS running the country who cancelled domestic pipelines, drilling, and oil leases on Day 1 is simple: Stop gaslighting the American people with lies & stop putting America Last. And do it now.”

Me (I had to get in on the action): “Somebody in the regime thought it was a good idea to play tough guy against small business owners in a collapsing economy that the regime created. BRILLIANT!”

Helaine Olen: “I’m sorry, but this is just sad.”

Libertarian Party: “You know as well as everyone that the Federal Reserve actually sets the prices – through rampant inflation. When 40% of the dollars in the world was printed in one year, inflation sets in and prices skyrocket. Just yesterday you were blaming Putin. We see through your scam.”

Dan Lyman: “Spoken like a communist dictator”

Jon Root: “Gas prices rose the moment you signed this executive order on day 1, Mr. President… The problem isn’t Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s you, you, you.”

The Last Refuge: “You do know the E15 mandate made gas more expensive right? The EPA enforces the biofuel standard by requiring refineries to submit purchase credits (known as Renewable Identification Numbers, or RINs) to the EPA proving the purchases. The price of those RINs is in the gas.”

Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch may have nailed the most important aspect of this Tweet, posting: “Fact check: This person has no lawful authority to threaten or order a gas station to set a price. This tweet is an abuse of power.”

This regime will try anything and everything at this point. They will NEVER admit they made a single mistake. They will NEVER do what it takes to solve the problems they created. This is the worst administration in modern history, and it isn’t even close.