Gaslighting Propaganda: Biochemist Exposes Corporate Media Narratives That Are Covering up Jab-Induced Heart Problems

“It’s the jabs.”

Over the past few months, I’ve seen at least a dozen experts use those words. These brave souls have gone against the grain in their professions; doctors, attorneys, scientists, and whistleblowers in Big Pharma have said the crystal clear truth that the powers-that-be are so desperate to keep hidden.

Rises in heart conditions, miscarriages, neurological disorders, and deaths over the last year… it’s the jabs.

Dr. Doug Corrigan, a Ph.D. Biochemist and Molecular Biologist, took to Twitter to reveal over three dozen recent instances of corporate media making excuses for the rises is major health issues the invariably began when the Covid-19 “vaccines” were pushed the hardest last year. Dr. Corrigan is taking a risk of retribution, but like a handful of others he’s willing to take the risk in order to expose the truth.

Here’s his epic Twitter thread: