Gaslighting 101_ FiveThirtyEight Credits Racist Republicans for Winsome Sears' Victory (1)

Gaslighting 101: FiveThirtyEight Credits Racist Republicans for Winsome Sears’ Victory

There’s a logical fallacy known as “begging the question.” While we often hear the phrase used today to mean forcing one to ask a question based on current circumstances, the actual meaning of the phrase is more akin to circular reasoning, or as Aristotle said, it means “assuming the conclusion.” When “begging the question,” someone takes the conclusion of their premise and uses it as evidence to prove the conclusion.

The leftist hacks at FiveThirtyEight did their best anti-Aristotle impression with an article that essentially says they know Republicans are racist and vote for Republicans so the fact that Winsome Sears became the first Black woman to win a statewide race in Virginia proves that Republicans are racist. If that sounds like unintelligible illogic, you’re in good shape. It only makes sense to racist radical leftists.

Nevertheless, it’s the type of gaslighting that makes one’s head hurt while trying to comprehend that level of gobbledygook. As journalist Joe Concha noted on Twitter, it’s a good thing the article came out before Veterans Day:

Here are some gaslighting snippet from the article. Be warned: If it makes no sense to you, rejoice. Like I said, it only makes sense to the racists among the radical left:

Whites who thought African Americans had “far too little” influence disliked Carson and preferred Hillary Clinton by 60 percentage points in a hypothetical general election matchup. Meanwhile, Carson was very popular among whites who were most concerned about African Americans having “too much” influence in politics. So much so that whites who thought African Americans have “far too much” influence preferred Carson to Clinton by 45 points.


Racially prejudiced white voters are not opposed to Black candidates simply because they are Black, but because they believe that most Black candidates will fight for “those people” and not “people like us.”

Black Republicans, on the other hand, are perceived differently by racially prejudiced white Americans. Their embrace of the Republican Party and its conservative ideology help assure racially prejudiced whites that, unlike Black Democrats, they are not in the business of carrying water for their own racial group. Instead, they are viewed as distinct from other Black elites. If Blackness is viewed as intertwined with a kind of racial liberalism that is antagonistic to the interests of white Americans, Black Republicans’ partisan and ideological commitments allay concerns that they are for “them,” not “us.”

This is 100% pure, grade-A horse manure fancied up to sound academic and therefore accurate. This isn’t a representation of how White conservatives think. It’s a parody. This is how racist radical leftists think White conservatives think. They’ve drawn up this caricature of White Republicans in their mind based on anecdotal reports of white supremacists and they’ve projected that caricature onto the bulk of the Republican Party.

Twitter wasn’t kind:

Leftist media preys on the ignorance and need for confirmation bias that their audience craves. They’ll never accept the truth, which is that racism is nowhere near as prevalent amongst conservatives as racist as leftists want to believe.