Garry Kasparov_ 'Bad News for the Biden Admin When I Agree With Rubio and Cruz!'

Garry Kasparov: ‘Bad News for the Biden Admin When I Agree With Rubio and Cruz!’

Famed chess champion and outspoken political pundit Garry Kasparov has been friendly with the Biden regime. That’s not to say he always agrees with them, but he’s given them a pass more often than not. With the Cuba situation, he went so far as to side with Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio against the regime’s weak response to the tyrants.

“Bad news for the Biden admin when I agree with Rubio & Cruz!” he posted on Twitter. “The people of Cuba deserve vocal support from a US government that isn’t worried about offending its Socialist members by speaking for freedom.”

Kasparov went onto attack “The Squad” and its four members who are Democratic-Socialists.

“There are 4 members of Congress representing the Democratic Socialists of America, which spoke in support of the Cuban regime, which is brutally cracking down on desperate protesters,” he posted. “Why haven’t they all resigned from the DSA?”

Not to leave Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey out of the mix, Kasparov Tweeted at him as well.

“On a related note for @jack, why is the Cuban “president” allowed to call for violence on Twitter? Social media is forbidden for most Cubans, so it’s clearly incitement to his supporters.”

The Democratic base finds itself scratching their collectivist heads more often than they likely expected as the regime continues to kowtow to the radical wing of their party. Meanwhile, the people of Cuba desperately need our support.