Future Hall-of-Famer for 'Fully-Vaccinated' Super Bowl Champs Goes Down with Covid-19

Future Hall-of-Famer for ‘Fully-Vaccinated’ Super Bowl Champs Goes Down with Covid-19

The National Football League is likely the most “vaccinated” professional sports organization in America. They’ve definitely tried harder than anyone else with draconian mandates and punitive treatment towards anyone in the league who dares to think for themselves and embrace medical freedom.

And like a broken record, they have another future Hall-of-Famer and Super Bowl champion with his coveted “fully-vaccinated” status fall to Covid-19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers star wide-receiver Antonio Brown is out and will likely miss at least one game despite the fact that the team proudly announced they are 100% “vaccinated.”

According to NBC Sports:

Wide receiver Antonio Brown was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list on Wednesday. Since he is vaccinated, he will need two negative test results 24 hours apart before he is able to return to the team.

Head coach Bruce Arians announced in early September that the Bucs had reached a 100% vaccination rate, becoming the second NFL team to do so. Their Week 2 opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, were the first.

Brown is the third Bucs player to be placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list this week. Linebacker Kevin Minter and practice squad receiver Travis Jonsen were placed on the list on Tuesday, making them the first two Bucs players to be added since the start of the regular season.

Those darn “rare” breakthrough cases keep happening to the “fully-vaccinated” in the NFL. One might look at the data and come to the conclusion that the “vaccinated” are more prone to catching Covid-19 than the unvaxxed.