JJ Watt

“Fully Vaccinated” NFL Megastar JJ Watt Says His Heart Went Into “A-Fib” This Week, Had to Be Shocked Into Rhythm

There was breaking news from the NFL that nobody will tie to the Covid-19 vaccines because that’s just not allowed.

Arizona Cardinals All-World defensive end JJ Watt said his heart went into “A-Fib,” or atrial fibrillation, on Wednesday and had to be shocked back into rhythm. Here’s his Tweet:

I was just told somebody leaked some personal information about me and it’s going to be reported on today. I went into A-Fib on Wednesday, had my heart shocked back into rhythm on Thursday and I’m playing today. That’s it.

A study posted on the NIH website last year listed atrial fibrillation as an adverse reaction from the Covid-19 jabs.

According to the Mayo Clinic, atrial fibrillation “is an irregular and often very rapid heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that can lead to blood clots in the heart.”

Covid-19 injections have caused millions of adverse reactions in the United States alone. Despite this, organizations like the NFL continue to push their players, coaches, and staff to get fully vaccinated and boosted, not because the vaccines have demonstrated efficacy but because that’s what the powers-that-be expect from them.

Numerous athletes have become ill and even died due to increased physical activity that is inherent with their lifestyle combined with the adverse reactions from the Covid jabs. It’s speculated that the spike proteins cause blood clots and microclots that damage organs of the body, including and especially the heart.

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