Fully Vaccinated Houston Woman Contracts Omicron Scariant Despite Not Having Traveled

“Fully Vaccinated” Houston Woman Contracts Omicron Scariant Despite Not Having Traveled

The narrative surrounding Covid-19 in general and the Omicron Variant in particular has been in a state of rapid flux ever since the latest version was revealed to the world on Black Friday. On one hand, the new variant seems more contagious but less harmful than previous variants. On the other hand, it seems to circumvent the so-called “vaccines” even more than other forms of the disease… not that the jabs helped slow them down very much, either.

Now, a woman in Houston has become the first Omicron case in Texas. Doctors are pretending not to let others see them scratch their heads about it because she’s “fully vaccinated” and has not traveled. For her to contract the disease means others have already brought it into the Lone Star State.

According to Click2Houston:

A northwest Houston woman with no recent travel history tested positive for the omicron variant of COVID-19 on Monday, according to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

“It’s normal for viruses to mutate, and given how quickly Omicron spread in southern Africa, we’re not surprised that it showed up here,” said Dr. John Hellerstedt, DSHS commissioner. “Getting vaccinated and continuing to use prevention strategies, including wearing a mask when you are around people you don’t live with, social distancing, handwashing and getting tested when you have symptoms, will help slow the spread of the virus and help end the pandemic.”

According to the Texas Department of State and Health Services, the woman, who is in her 40s, was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this week and later genetic sequencing results showed the infection was caused by the omicron variant strain.

Rafael Lemaitre, communications director and senior advisor to Hidalgo, said the woman is likely the first person in Texas to test positive for the new variant.

According to an official in the Harris County Judge’s office, the woman is fully vaccinated and has not required hospitalization.

The reaction from Judge Hidalgo makes no sense. Considering we know the new variant is at least resistant to the vaccines if not outright immune, she declared that the best way to stop the disease is by getting vaccinated and boostered.

The last thing vaxx-nannies want is for Omicron to pass through vaccine “protection” faster than illegal immigrants can pass through our open borders. Then again, this may be their opportunity to push new “vaccines” on us in a couple of months.