Fully Vaccinated Canadian Family Imprisoned as Medical Tyranny Hits Ludicrous Speed Over Omicron Scariant

“Fully Vaccinated” Canadian Family Imprisoned as Medical Tyranny Hits Ludicrous Speed Over Omicron Scariant

The Omicron Scariant, which thus far has killed exactly zero people in the entire world, has sent authoritarian governments down their desire course of draconian rule over the people. It’s happening all across the globe as fearmongering on orders from the architects of The Great Reset have sent governments, media, Big Tech, and the healthcare industry into a state of feigned panic.

Canada is among the most obtuse with their travel protocols. A family returning from Cairo was imprisoned and held without access to food or water. Why? Did they attempt to break quarantine? No. Were they “unvaccinated”? No. Did they test positive for Omicron or any other variant of Covid-19? No.

They simply returned to Canada to find the new normal is imprisonment first, followed by isolation and risks of extreme fines. Here’s the post from Tiffany Lynn followed by videos of her experience.

This is a tough post for me. Today we traveled back to Canada from Cairo. We came early to complete the new quarantine requirement given Egypt has been listed as a “Country of Concern.” I am FULLY VACCINATED. We had PCR tests in Cairo and Frankfurt. We have an empty home to go to here in Calgary.

Upon arrival in YYC, we were taken by CBSA (Canadian Border Services) to PHAC (Public Health Canada) screening. It was a 14 minute interrogation about my history with Covid (none), my plans in Canada and my testing and vaccination. They read me my rights and told me I was entitled to a lawyer. They told me the fine for breaking quarantine is up to $750,000. We had a dedicated escort throughout, ensuring we weren’t escaping. Secondary unexplained screening at customs, and a PCR on arrival. We weren’t allowed to make any stops or get anything to eat or drink. They whole process took about 2 hours.

We were transported in a dedicated vehicle to the Westin Airport Hotel in Calgary. The Government of Canada has contracted the entire hotel as a “secure quarantine location.” The parking lot is blocked with No Trespassing signs. We were met by the Red Cross of Canada employees in HazMat suits. We were processed and taken to an isolation floor. We cannot go outside. We cannot leave our room. We cannot get deliveries or packages. We cannot consume anything from offsite. We only get the meals they send us (it’s now 6:30 pm and we have not had anything to eat or drink since we landed at 3pm). They have no cups for water in the room. I requested some but to no avail. Once we get our test results (presumably negative, and can take up to 72 hours) we must contact the Red Cross who will coordinate with Quarantine Officers for our release, that can take 48 hours (they say). They will provide us dedicated transport to our quarantine location (our home) where we must complete our 14 days in isolation. We must also take another test on Day 8.

This is happening, right now, in Canada, two years into a pandemic to vaccinated individuals. I don’t have the words to express this well. I waver back and forth between rage, embarrassment, and disbelief. This will change my life, I have no doubt.

She posted a follow-up today and things have not gotten better:

Canadian hotel quarantine day 3.

  • We still have no PCR results, because apparently in Canada it takes 72 hours to get results in 2021. Or maybe they just want us to stay here longer. 🤔

  • The food is horrible. It arrives cold and has limited nutritional value. It’s not FoodSafe for sure. I may call public health.

  • No fruits or vegetables (aside from potatoes). No beverages are offered, so it’s tap water for the win. No wait, I did get some coffee filters and packaged creamer. It’s gross.

  • The hotel gives a number for people to call so they can speak to us BUT they won’t actually put any calls through to our room. When you call they just say they will pass the message on to the Red Cross who will send us the message

  • The kids are going stir crazy. No fresh air, no physical activity. We are doing yoga and school work, I brought a few card games, but that can only fill so many hours of the day with no space or freedom to roam.

  • We have only one bed in the hotel room so we all sleep together.

  • I asked for tampons, it took 24 hours to receive them.

  • We have a window to nothing. Can’t see the parking lot or any coming and goings from the site. I wonder if they give rooms that have a view to that.

The entirety of this situation is so ludicrous, it has to be fictional. But Tiffany Lynn provided all the video and images to prove that this is really happening in the formerly free nation of Canada. How long until it happens in America? Is it already here?

Image via Facebook.