Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Eliminates Customer Service Line to Stay Alive in Democrat-Made Recession

One of the industries top economists look to when determining how long an economic downturn is going to last is the airline industry. Along with the hospitality industry, airlines react based on long-term trends, so when economists see them making major changes to the way they do business, they take note.

Discount carrier Frontier Airlines has been in the process of cutting costs since before the Plandemic. But now they appear to be cutting out important aspects of their business, including their customer service hotline. According to KIRO7:

The low-cost airline, which is known for charging fees for seat assignments and carry-on bags that are larger than allowed, has turned off its customer service phone number, opting to have all interactions done digitally, CNN reported.

The change went into effect last week. Instead of dialing a number to reach someone at Frontier, customers will have to reach the company via an online chatbot, social media or WhatsApp.

It’s not just the economy. It’s also the direction of society to lean more on impersonal digital communications instead of face-to-face or phone conversations. People text more than they talk. They chat more than they meet. This can’t be a good thing in the long-run.

Here’s my commentary on the topic:

Image by Mr.TinMD via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0.