Freedom Convoy Victim

Freedom Convoy Counter Protester Gets “Hit” By Truck in Absurd Display of Crisis Acting

It was a flop that would make Lebron James jealous.

In Ottawa, a counter protester against the Freedom Convoy was “hit” by a truck. The subsequent fall to the ground was caught on tape, adding more fodder upon which the Trudeau-loving vaxx-nannies can air their grievances.

According to RedState:

But on Sunday, we saw the person who we may just have to give the Oscar for Worst Swan Dive While Faking Getting Hit by a Freedom Convoy truck. Now, as far as acting jobs go, this is truly awful. First, he blocks the truck with the Trump flag on it and then pretends that it hits him as he rolls off of it and falls to the ground. It’s not even close to looking real. This is the left — all in one fake nutshell.

The immediate ridicule is marvelous. He even picked up his head a little to see if people were watching as he lay on the ground. Then when everyone laughed at him and his farcical effort, he got up and started yelling at the driver. Sorry dude, no one bought your theatrics. You’re a lousy actor. Take the “L.”

People opposed to freedom will go to great lengths to make sure nobody gets to have it. Sometimes, we have to fight for our rights. Other times, like this one, it’s best to just laugh at the morons and move on.