Beto O'Rourke

Francis Beta O’Rourke Goes on the Least Authentic Morning Run in the History of Morning Runs

Millions of Americans wake up most mornings, put on their running gear, and start their day outdoors with an invigorating walk or job. But out of those millions, only one moron does it in a dess shirt. That idiot is Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.

He was inviting people to a run in Corpus Christi for his Texas gubernatorial campaign. To demonstrate what a “run” is, the candidate decided to be filmed while running in his blue shirt… the same blue shirt he seems to wear everywhere. You know, just in case the word “run” needed a demonstration for his moronic followers.

Watch and try not to laugh at the most disingenuous campaign clip of all time.

Here are a few thoughts on the matter:

Democrats often miss the mark with their attempts at proper optics. Beto misses it far worse than anyone who has ever run for office, which is why he’s just a professional candidate, not an elected leader.

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