Fox News Lies About Nick Fuentes as a 'Holocaust Denier' and Links Paul Gosar to Him

Fox News Lies About Nick Fuentes as a ‘Holocaust Denier’ and Links Paul Gosar to Him

Alt-right provocateur is many things. Some find him distasteful while others consider him a teller of the straight truth. But one thing he is not and has never been is a “Holocaust denier.” That fact didn’t stop Fox News from claiming that he is as they tried to tie Congressman Paul Gosar to him.

Here’s the flyer that prompted the hit piece by Fox News:

The Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer came to both men’s defense to set the record straight. The Fox News headline reads, “GOP Rep. Paul Gosar to fundraise with Nick Fuentes, purported Holocaust denier.” Schaffer replied on Twitter:

There are plenty of opinions about Nick Fuentes, but a little research on this topic shows that “Holocaust denial” was a leftist tabloid smear Doubling down to link Rep. Gosar in that category is even more disingenuous. Fox, SMH.

Holocaust denial is horrible and trying to link Gosar to that is ridiculous. Also, I know this is rare in journalism today, but I once reached out to Nick for an official response to this claim. He responded to my request and clarified he does not deny the Holocaust. So…

He once made a really tasteless joke about the topic. He’s a young dude with edgy humor many find offensive. But gaslighting like this seems odd since Fox has journalists and could also just reach out to clarify before linking a sitting congressman to Holocaust denial. Sheesh.

Nick makes a good boogy man though. Most are too afraid to even say his name. Even the right fell into the leftist trap of fear by association. It’s all such feckless BS. We need to stop giving into the smear campaigns by these godless communist psychopaths. Grow up everyone.

Let’s hope Gosar has the fortitude to stand against the attacks and not be swayed into abandoning the fundraiser. Appeasing the left and their RINO allies never ends well. If anything, it emboldens them to continue to lie and set false narrative hoops through which far too many conservatives readily jump.

Schaffer is right. All too often those on the right allow gaslighting from the left to frame their narrative. Too many are so afraid of labels by association that they dismiss the truth to avoid conflict. It’s weak.