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Fox News Declares DeSantis Catching Up to Trump in Iowa . . . By Citing Poll Done by DeSantis Campaign

Anyone who has heard my opinion about polls knows that I’m not a fan. They’re simply propaganda tools used to manipulate the masses, and that’s on the best of days with so-called “unbiased” polls. But there are other polls that I hold in even lower regard: Push polls and campaign-driven polls. They are beyond worthless. They’re actually quite dangerous since most Americans don’t realize they’re completely fake.

That’s why it’s so comical that Trump-hating Fox News made a bold declaration that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now “closing the gap” with Donald Trump in the first caucus state, Iowa. They even not-so-subtly claimed credit for the event by noting that the bump took place after their GOP debate. But it’s all fiction. It’s wishful thinking. It’s “copium” that they can inject into their veins to ease symptoms from their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Here’s their bold declaration:

Iowa poll shows Florida gov closing the gap on Trump after first Republican debate

Donald Trump remains on top of the polls among Republican presidential candidates, but the gap between the former president and his onetime political prot�g� could be narrowing following the first GOP debate.

A new poll from Public Opinion Strategies � a polling firm working for the DeSantis’ campaign � shows Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis closing in on Trump among Iowa voters. Releasing a campaign poll usually comes with an agenda or narrative and so the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

The poll, obtained by Fox News Digital, interviewed 400 Iowa likely GOP caucus-goers and included a ballot test that saw DeSantis rise from 14% support up to 21% post-debate.

At least they had the journalistic integrity to note that it was a DeSantis campaign poll, but here’s the thing. This article wasn’t intended to sway sentiment among their readers. It was intended to sway sentiment among the majority of people who will read the headline but never actually read the article. The headline doesn’t distinguish the type of poll it was. Anyone who just reads that headline will come away thinking DeSantis is closing the gab and Fox News helped.

Neither, of course, is true. The various less-biased polls (no poll is unbiased) following the debate and the handful of polls that took place after Trump was arrested in Georgia this week show Trump’s lead extending and DeSantis’s status as a distant second place in jeopardy. Some polls show he is now in third place behind Vivek Ramaswamy and two state polls have him in fourth place.

Some may try to fault the DeSantis campaign for this, but they’re just trying to do their jobs. This is a full-blown Fox News psyop intended to sway the headline-only readers into believing that DeSantis is making up lost ground. Most of their opinions hosts, nearly all of their news anchors, and the entirety of their executive leadership either hate Trump or at least prefer an alternative. This reaffirms my long-standing opinion that Fox News executives, most producers, and possibly some of their hosts were aware of the theft of the 2020 election… and some were directly involved. But that’s an accusation to flesh out some other time.

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