Jen Griffin

Fox News Reporter Jennifer Griffin Echoes Pentagon Propaganda, Then Blocks People Calling Her out for It

Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin is the mouthpiece of the Pentagon on the “right-leaning” news channel. She is often interviewed about her foreign relations knowledge, and invariably she pushes the Neo-Con, warmongering perspective given to her by her government handlers.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict has been a boon for her as shows like Sean Hannity’s have had her on to bestow her pro-Ukraine, anti-Russian, pro-globalist perspectives. She’s been ramping the propaganda up to an eleven lately, and many conservatives have been calling her out for it. So, she’s blocking them.

There are no good guys in this conflict. It is being pushed by both sides of the World Economic Forum’s second stage to initiate The Great Reset. But for people like Griffin and the Neo-Cons of her ilk, there is only one proper side for America to be on, and that will almost certainly mean war for the United States.

Be careful where you get your information regarding Ukraine-Russia. The powers-that-be want us to pick one side or the other with a strong push to promote Ukraine. It behooves us to look at the situation from the perspective of what’s best for the United States, and that means staying out of it. America first!