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Four Critical Reactions to the Trump Verdict

As our long-time readers know, we’re not the biggest fans of Twitter/X “hot takes” following major events. Most of them are dumb, obvious, or both. But following the guilty verdict handed down against President Donald J Trump, conservatives on Twitter/X were surprisingly wise.

Well, some of them were.

Four reactions in particular caught our attention and deserve to be highlighted. In no particular order, here they are…

Trump Ungagged Is Trump Unleashed

The various gag orders issued against Trump during the hush money trial made it very difficult for him to communicate his frustration with a multitude of corrupt aspects of the lawfare waged against him. As Real Ben Garrison Cartoons noted on X, the verdict means Trump is unleashed and he’s taking full advantage of it on Friday.

Annd the GAG order is gone- buckle up folks!

Trump Press Conference

Don’t Commit Crimes Because the Feds Are Watching

There is a real rage coming from many if not most Trump supporters, which means tens of millions of Americans are at risk of acting out. Thankfully, we’re patriots, conservatives, or populists which means the vast majority of us follow the rule of law even if our anger is piqued.

Jesse Kelly issued a warning to those who may want to commit crimes or get violent in protest of the insane verdict:

REMINDER: The feds are dying for you to do something illegal today so they can kill you or throw you in prison.

So don’t.

Legal. Stay legal. Mad is fine. You should be mad.

But stay legal.

P.S. There’s a fed in that group chat you’re on right now.

Grounds for Appeal Aplenty

Noted attorney Robert Barnes has stood by Donald Trump’s side for years and has offered intelligent analysis of the various situations he and other patriots face. This situation is just the latest as Barnes details at least five ways Trump’s legal team can appeal the ruling

Appeal grounds for #TrumpVerdict:
1/ #1stA violations in selective prosecution;
2/ #5thA due process violations in conflicted prosecutor, compromised judge & prejudicial jury;
3/ #5thA due process violations in conviction on an unidentified crime, without unanimity or beyond reasonable doubt;
4/ Article 2 & #ImpeachmentClause violation for prosecution of a President for acts while President without impeachment or conviction;
5/ #5A violations for government withholding discovery, suborning perjury, denying continuance, judges intimidating witnesses & limiting closing arguments.
Just the Constitutional top 5 problems. Many more identified herein as well. On Locals.

Republican Lawmakers Need to Act or Step Aside

There is only one priority for GOP members on Capitol Hill or other positions of power. As Catturd said, he and we do NOT want to hear about anything else until the travesty is reversed.

Dear Republican Party@GOP

I don’t want to hear another damn word about Ukraine.
I don’t want to hear another damn word about Israel.
I don’t want to hear another damn word about GAZA.
I don’t want to hear another damn word about Taiwan.
I don’t want to hear another damn word about any other country except the USA, you America-last war pigs.

The fascist Democrat Party has completely destroyed our country from within, we have a wide open border, and they’re shitting on the Constitution while you spineless, coward losers get rich on insider trading, rage tweet, and talk about your “principles.”

They’re literally arresting their political opponents and their lawyers and having kangaroo communists show trials – and you pitiful, worthless losers are doing absolutely nothing.

If you don’t have balls to fight for freedom – RESIGN !!!

The days and weeks to come will determine the fate of this nation. If injustice is allowed to prevail, we are lost. If Trump is redeemed, then we have a chance. In fact, we may be able to look back to this moment in a couple of years and credit this miscalculations by Joe Biden et al as the launching pad for us to truly make America great again. Let’s pray it’s the latter.