Gender Queer

Woke Fort Worth School District Pushes “Gender Queer” Book and Libs of TikTok Is on the Case

In 2021 and 2022, school districts were put on notice by angry parents who were done with letting woke administrators brainwash their children. They protested, voted, and fired many of the wokest.

So far in 2023, there haven’t been nearly as many concerned parents taking action. Perhaps they thought we won. We’ve made strides, but the fight is far from over. Perhaps they went for political wins. That’s rarely the solution. But one activist continues to expose the truth.

Libs Of TikTok continues to highlight hideous instances of Cultural Marxism in public schools. The latest example has her taking on Fort Worth School District which is promoting “Gender Queer” to students:

The moment we let up is the time they’ll regroup and start indoctrinating children even more. They will go as far as we will let them, which means we must stop letting them do it at all.