Yoel Roth

Former Trump-Censoring Twitter Executive Yoel Roth Had ALL Accounts “Deamplified” for Having #StopTheSteal in Their Name or Profile

Meet Yoel Roth, the former Twitter executive who publicly asked if teachers should be allowed to have consensual sex with their minor students. What makes this creepy question even creepier is that he’s a former educator. It’s ironic that this is the guy chosen to be head of Twitter Trust and Safety before Elon Musk got there.

But groomer-tendencies aside, the focus this weekend on Roth has been on his role in the banning of President Trump. That’s all being document in the various Twitter File drops, but there was one tidbit that must be highlighted. They didn’t just ban President Trump. They also went after those who believed the 2020 election was stolen. Specifically, they went after EVERYONE who had the hashtag #StopTheSteal in their name or profile description.


While the numbers have not been posted, we known anecdotally that a LOT of patriotic accounts had that hashtag in their profile description or added it to their name. I did.

Many if not most conservatives knew Twitter’s malfeasance ran deep. These Twitter File drops have proven to be shocking as we learn our biggest concerns were actually mild compared to what was really going on.