Former Democrat Washington Governors Endorse Republican Ann Davison for Seattle

Former Democrat Washington Governors Endorse Republican Ann Davison for Seattle

In our politically polarized world, it isn’t often that politicians cross over and endorse members of the opposite party. In fact, it’s downright newsworthy when a prominent politician such as a former governor makes such endorsements, but that’s what’s happening in Seattle, Washington.

Former governor Christine Gregoire, a Democrat, has endorsed Republican Ann Davison for Seattle City Attorney. Her reasoning is simple. Many if not most Democrats in the very progressive city have gone full-blown communist, embracing radical tenets of Neo-Marxism as they push to destroy the city, state, and nation.

As journalist Brandi Kruse reported:

“What I can’t let go by is a person who believes in anarchy”: Former Governor Christine Gregoire (D) endorses Republican Ann Davison in critical Seattle City Attorney race and rails against the long list of troubling tweets from abolitionist Nicole Thomas Kennedy.

Gregoire wasn’t the only former Democrat governor to endorse Davison. Gary Locke did as well. According to the Seattle Times:

Former Governors Gary Locke and Christine Gregoire endorsed Ann Davison for Seattle city attorney on Tuesday, criticizing her rival, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, for vowing to stop most misdemeanor prosecutions — and for controversial statements attacking police and praising riots.

The endorsements in the nonpartisan race aligned the Democratic ex-governors with a self-identified Republican in Davison, who is trying to win over voters in deep-blue Seattle.

In a joint statement, Gregoire and Locke said Seattle is at “a crossroads” and in need of “pragmatic city leaders who understand the challenges our city is facing and that will get Seattle back on track.” They said Thomas-Kennedy’s calls to abolish jails and police and end many prosecutions “would make the people of Seattle less safe and put our neighborhoods more at risk.”

As the Democrat Party continues its lurch to the left, many of the more sensible members of the party are being forced to look to the more sensible Republican alternatives. Some are finally escaping the radicalization of the left.