For Veterans: The Warrior Wellness Initiative Bundle Pack

The experts at The Wellness Company’s Chief Medical Board developed the Warrior Initiative Bundle Pack to help our nation’s warriors and first responders find greater balance in the health domain of sleep, digestive, brain, and immune health.

When the Warrior Class patriots’ health falls out of balance, they become, as we all do, more susceptible to imbalance in other areas of their lives.

Their holistic approach is designed to bring greater balance to your health so you can continue your service and better manage the stresses of life.

The Warrior Initiative Bundle Pack includes four special formulas:

1. For Brain Health: Dr. Peter McCullough’s Mito Support Formula

– Give yourself an edge in maintaining your progress in leading a more active and healthy lifestyle with Dr. Peter McCullough’s Mito Support Formula. One of the most popular Wellness Company products.

2. For Getting Your Rest: Dr. Schmidt’s Restful Sleep Formula

– Dr. Schmidt’s Restful Sleep Formula targets the factors that disrupt a healthy night’s sleep which can have multiple negative impacts on other crucial areas of your health. One of the most popular Wellness Company products.

3. For Digestive Health: Dr. Schmidt’s Digestive Enzyme Formula

– Dr. Schmidt formulated this comprehensive blend of enzymes to maximize nutrient absorbtion. This full spectrum formula supports digestion of proteins, fats, dairy, grains, carbohydrates, and much much more.

4. For Immune System Fortification: Dr. Zelenko’s Z-DTox Formula

– Detox from a toxic world with Z-DTox – perfect for those with a weakened immune system from an immune deficiency, those who struggle with a healthy lifestyle, or may suffer from adverse vaccine side effects.

To get all four formulas individually would cost $269.96.

For Veterans Day, the price of the Warrior Initiative Bundle Pack has dropped to $170.00 when you use discount code WELLNESSWARRIOR (plus, The Liberty Daily benefits from the purchase).

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Watch Christopher Alexander tell you what the Warrior Initiative is all about:

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