For the First Time in History, Tater Said Something That Makes Sense

For the First Time in History, Tater Said Something That Makes Sense

Brian Stelter is wrong 99.9% of the time. Before today, I’d say he was wrong 100% of the time, but after listening closely to what he said at the end of this particular clip, I can no longer say it’s a certainty that whatever he says will be wrong.

He got one right.

“And here’s another question since we’re hearing about schools closing again. We collectively took action to protect the elderly in 2020. Now, shouldn’t we be doing more to protect children… by letting them live normal lives? Are we really going to let the kids suffer even more? And are the facts about Covid getting through to the people who need to hear them?”

I didn’t watch his show so I don’t know what he said afterwards, but everything he said here is accurate. There is absolutely no reason children who have a 99.993% recovery rate from Covid to be wearing face masks, getting vaccinated, or doing anything other than living their lives normally. I’m pretty sure that’s not the extent to which Stelter was calling for “normalcy”; to him, vaxxed kids wearing face masks is normal as long as schools are still sort of open. Still, it’s good to hear him coming around even if only a little.

Mark this day on your calendar. It’s the first time a CNN host said something that actually makes sense. Will we see more of this? I hope so, but something tells me to expect the normal fake news for the foreseeable future.