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Food, Energy, and Money: How They Plan on Moving EVERYONE Into “Smart Cities” Before 2030

“Smart Cities,” which are very similar to “15-Minute Cities,” are no longer theoretical. The infrastructure is already being implemented across the globe and plans are in the works to move us into them. Most of our audience will say they would never participate, but their options may be limited if they don’t get ready to push back BEFORE they’re rolled out.

In the near future, there will be three types of places where people live in western society, particularly in the United States. Most will live in variations of the current major cities, packed into small geographic locations as these metropolises are converted into multiple districts that are self-contained. It won’t be very dissimilar from how it is today except that people in each district will be confined to their district. It will be their dystopian version of a “Smart City.”

A variation of the urban “Smart Cities” will be the mini-versions located near farms, mines, and other necessary societal components that cannot exist in metro areas. The rules for these “offsite” areas won’t be very different for the workers who live there. There will still be guards to make sure nobody leaves the plantation. It’ll be like a prison work program where certain people get to leave the city for a time to pick apples or mine lithium.

Those who are rich AND properly politically aligned with globalists will be allowed to live in new “Smart Cities.” We’re seeing a version of this being planned right now in Northern California as the super rich near the San Francisco Bay Area are trying to escape the hellhole they created by relocating to their new utopia. Many high-end suburban areas or small towns will be converted into smart cities for the elites as well. For many, it will be a step down in lifestyle but they’ll need to make “sacrifices” for the globalists’ greater good.

The third group of people will be the smallest. The remnant. Those who were able to avoid the oppression and circumvent the diktats will live in rural areas. This group will be truly self-sufficient. They will not require government for anything related to their survival. They will also be equipped to defend themselves against those who would try to take what they have.

It’s impossible for many to imagine such a scenario. But for the sake of suspending disbelief, let’s stipulate two likelihoods so we can understand the path to this dystopian future. First, the depopulation agenda is already playing out. Whether through war, a truly dangerous Plandemic, “vaccine” adverse reactions, false flag domestic terrorism, or a combination of things, the population of America and possible much of western society could be greatly diminished in the near future. This will make us much more manageable.

Second, the climate change cult is very likely to get their way. In many ways they already are as blue states are setting deadlines for the end of gas-powered cars, gas stoves, and anything driven by fossil fuels. I will continue to fight their agenda with everything I have and I know many of you will as well, but I fear they have too much money, political clout, and narrative control for us to defeat them. I pray that I’m wrong but I fear that I’m right.

This cult will drive most of the left to willfully submit to this new normal of “Smart Cities.” But what about those on the right? What about the freedom-loving patriots who will not submit to sacrifices for the sake of a theory in which we do not abide? To understand this, we should reread the evil words of Henry Kissinger, the godfather of modern globalism.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people. Who controls the energy can control whole continents. Who controls money can control the world.”

There’s a good chance nearly all of our readers are very aware of what’s currently happening with the food supply. The powers-that-be are changing it fundamentally, creeping their control mechanisms into place through regulations and sabotage. Those who try to avoid regulations will be quashed as an Amish farmer in Virginia is learning. Food processing plants are being “mysteriously” destroyed on a weekly basis. The push for lab-grown meat to replace real meat is hitting stride.

Before 2030, governments and powerful people like Bill Gates will be operating a public-private partnership that will have complete control of the food supply for the sake of climate change.

This is why our sponsor, Prepper All Naturals, is such an important partner for us. Their bags of beef cubes are shelf stable for two decades or longer. (The Liberty Daily benefits from purchases at our sponsors like Prepper All Naturals; use promo code “TLD15” for 15% off at checkout.)

“Smart Cities” will be able to control the people by only distributing to those who are properly compliant. That could mean having vaccine credentials. It could mean having a high enough social credit score to determine whether they get lab-grown “beef” this week or if they have to suffer through cricketburgers again. Kissinger was right about controlling the people through food, as it has been done by tyrannical governments for millennia. Even the most freedom-loving patriot will bow to tyranny before letting his or her family starve to death.

As for energy, this is obviously at the core of the climate change agenda. It’s why I expect an attack on the power grids in the very near future. The powers-that-be are having a harder time than they expected in getting people to drive electric vehicles. Meanwhile, wind and solar are failing miserably on multiple fronts. To achieve their 2030 goals, they’re going to have to get creative.

There are two types of people who will be able to avoid being controlled by government through energy. Those who are completely off-grid will obviously be fine. But for those of us who cannot go buy a self-sufficient homestead in Idaho, it’s time to start practicing our grid-free skills. That will require a future article, but the short version is we need to change our lifestyles so we can survive using old school techniques. If the power, water, gas, and (GASP!) internet go out for an extended period of time, would you need government to bail you out? If so, then in the near future they will be able to control you.

Last but not least, they are going to drive as many people as possible to “Smart Cities” through money. This is the biggest concern about Central Bank Digital Currencies that far too few people are discussing. Most of the fuss has been about privacy and the government’s ability to confiscate funds, but the technology allows two very important powers. First, it can be given an expiry date. Second and more importantly, CBDCs can be directed for localization so that YOUR “money” can only be spent at designated stores within your “Smart City.”

This is why I’m a huge proponent of establishing localized networks for barter and other alternative commerce systems. I’ve talked to a few prominent patriots about it and there are efforts being made to create these types of networks. Pray they are successful. I’m not banking on it coming to fruition in time, which is why we’re trying to stockpile as much of the essentials as possible. As a “late prepper,” I’m finding it challenging to get everything we need while we still can. Then, there’s the issue of space. Strategies for preparing for CBDCs will require a longer article in the near future.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge proponent of precious metals. I believe in using the Christian company, Genesis Gold Group, for protecting retirement.

For the majority of us who aren’t stockpiling precious metals, we should stock up on things we’ll use. I know the first thing that comes to mind is toilet paper for some reason by I’m not a fan. Toilet paper is a convenience, not a necessity. I would rather stockpile things for use or barter that are essential.

It’s time to get ready. They’re coming for us. We fight the good fight today to try to stop the evil from winning but we get ready for things to come just in case they win. But through it all, we must never forget that God wins in the end. We’ll just have to suffer along the way.

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