Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci Prepares to Falsely Blame New Covid Variants on the Unvaxxed

Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci Prepares to Falsely Blame New Covid Variants on the Unvaxxed That Will Come This Winter

The science regarding virus mutations is crystal clear. The primary cause of mutations is virus microevolution that allows antibody-resistant variants to survive while earlier variants are defeated by the immune systems. Viruses naturally fight against human immunity, especially vaccine-induced antibodies. This has been common knowledge for decades. It’s why we have ongoing flu shots every year as new variants arise that are more successful at evading the human immune response as well as past vaccines.

Every doctor in America knows this to be true except for one: Anthony Fauci. In reality, he knows it as well but he can no longer be considered a doctor. He’s a bureaucrat, Big Pharma investor, and spokesperson for the powers-that-be who are pushing for The Great Reset to become a full-blown reality across the globe. This is why he flat-out denies the science and embraces the false narrative that the unvaccinated are the cause of Covid-19 mutations.

It started with an interview in August with fake news queen Katie Couric. She asked him if Covid vaccines will prevent the coronavirus from “morphing” into new variants. Fauci falsely said the answer was simple, “Yes.”


Since then, he has continued to drop lie after lie that the unvaccinated are the cause for new variants of Covid-19. His timing is conspicuous and intentional. As scientists across the world have warned, there may be a major new variant that is worse than anything we’ve seen so far. One such variant is already in the wild and is showing immunity against the vaccine antibodies.

Fauci et al want to blame the unvaccinated for these new variants, but the science is crystal clear. With natural immunity proven to be far more effective at stopping Covid-19 and no discernible difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated when it comes to spreading or contracting the disease, it is blatantly obvious that the “protection” (other vaccines give immunity but Covid’s vaccines only offer protection by definition) extended to the vaccinated is the root cause for mutations.

Nevertheless, he has set the stage for the vaccinated to take the blame. During the Couric interview, he said, “My concern is that if we allow there to be a smoldering infection into the fall and into the winter — because those 93 million people are not getting vaccinated for the most part — my concern would be that you may allow a variant that we haven’t even recognized yet to come along.”

Fear is a powerful weapon to drive compliance and few in modern history have wielded this weapon as well as Anthony Fauci. He is the ultimate medical fearmonger because he comes across as credible in the way he speaks. Those who are aware of his lies see right through him now, but thanks to his protectors in the media, far too many Americans simply aren’t aware.

He said that whatever new variant that comes along because of the unvaccinated could “be better at transmitting and more serious than the Delta. We haven’t seen that yet. So rather than worrying about these others that are around, let’s make sure we don’t let new ones come in.”

Our readers are accustomed to not believing anything Fauci says, but there are still millions of Americans who practically worship their cult leader and will continue to do so no matter what new evil deed gets exposed. This is why it’s imperative that we expose this particular lie as loudly as possible. He’s had so many whoppers over the years that it’s easy to get caught up in his misdeeds, but the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative is one that threatens us today. It’s what’s driving the continued unhinged push for universal vaccinations and it will be used in the near future to throw blame towards us when the next major variant arises.

This, more than anything else, is why we must arm as many Americans as we can with the truth.

Fauci has an agenda to push. We know that he wants the whole world vaccinated, and we know everyone under the thumb of Big Pharma is pushing the narrative with him. That means government, mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, and the healthcare industry are all pushing the lies to varying degrees. Some politicians, a handful of journalists, and a minority of doctors are aware of the truth and are simply not chiming in for fear of being ostracized, but even they are complicit in their silence.

Week in and week out, Anthony Fauci is exposed or another dastardly deed. Invariably, he is protected by the media and embraced by the Biden-Harris regime. With Fauci calling the shots, we are now in a medical post-truth society.