Flashback: NeoCon Nikki Haley Required Proof of Vaxx to Be Allowed the Honor of Hearing Her Speak

Nikki Haley is running for president. Besides being a NeoCon and a faux-conservative who served adequately at best in the Trump administration, she also happens to be a vaxx-nanny. As we learned last November:


Granted, she was the main attraction and not the person putting on the event, but it’s conspicuous that she’s always been a cheerleader for the jabs. In July, 2021, just as many questions were being raised about the efficacy and safety of the Covid-19 “vaccines,” she was busy complaining about us not getting paid enough for our vaccine efforts. According to an article she penned for Fox News:

The United States should not let global bodies abuse the fact that we created a vaccine in record time or squander our money in the campaign to vaccinate the world. It’s wrong to do that, period. It’s doubly wrong when it strengthens China, our biggest competitor.

And let’s not forget that less than a week after the 2020 election was stolen, she wasn’t complaining about voter fraud or calling for investigations. Instead, she was praising Pfizer:

It’s easy to compare Nikki Haley to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and believe that she might be nominally better. But compared to Donald Trump or even Ron DeSantis, she’s not in the same league and should not be a serious consideration for president.