Flashback_ Anthony Fauci Said 'Freedom' Made a Medical Dictatorship Unlikely

Flashback: Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci Said ‘Freedom’ Made a Medical Dictatorship Unlikely . . .

Anthony Fauci hates our freedoms. He has always hated our freedoms, even before the pandemic he helped create made its way to the United States. He has gone on record multiple times saying our freedoms should not stand in the way of his goal of universal vaccinations, though not in those terms. As snakes are wont to do, Fauci slithers his way through talking points like a minion of the prince of darkness.

Back in July 2020, he slipped up. While not embracing freedom, he did invoke it as the reason why there had never been a national or even statewide vaccine mandate in the past. It was a different tune than the one we’re hearing from Fauci and the rest of the Biden-Harris regime today because he actually invoked the word. You won’t hear any Democrats talking about freedom today unless they’re lambasting it as something we need to dismiss in favor of forcing 80 million Americans to get jabbed.

“I don’t see [a vaccine mandate] on a national level merely because of all the situations you have upon encroaching upon a person’s freedom to make their own choice of their own health,” he said during an interview last year. Here’s the video:

As Dear Leader Biden and one of his puppetmasters, Anthony Fauci, unlawfully take away our rights so they can “Build Back Better” under The Great Reset, it’s imperative that we embrace our freedoms. Only then can we effectively fight back.