FLASHBACK: ‘Confederate’ Joe Biden Challenges Election Results, Launches the Greatest Threat to Democracy ‘Since the Civil War’

On Tuesday, while speaking at the National Constitution Center (since when did Democrats care about the U.S. Constitution?) Joe Biden read from a script in which he repeated the big lie that any attempt to stop Democrat election fraud is somehow an attack on democracy itself.

Repeating a Democrat talking point that has been making the rounds, Biden said that GOP election laws at stopping voter fraud are somehow an “assault on free and fair elections,” and “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.”

Keeping in mind that over 600,000 Americans died fighting the Civil War in order to stop the Democrat institution of slavery, Biden then claimed that the above claim is “not hyperbole”.

And if the gaslight meter wasn’t cranked high enough, Biden then compared the mostly peaceful DC protesters, many who believe the election was rigged against President Trump for various reasons, to Confederate soldiers.

“Confederates, back then, never breached the Capitol, as insurrectionists did on January 6,” Biden chirped about the pro-America protest in which no one was armed and the only person murdered was unarmed military veteran Ashli Babbitt, whose killer the Biden Regime still refuses to reveal.

But if we take Biden at his word, if those who challenge election results are “Confederates” and are attacking the country on par with the “Civil War,” then Joe Biden has, shall we say, some explaining to do.

Because it wasn’t that long ago that Joe Biden was challenging election results but with absolutely no evidence of voter fraud.

As Yahoo News reported on June 12, 2013, in a fawning piece, Biden declared that Democrat Al Gore actually won the 2000 presidential election that was won, as we all know, by George W. Bush:

Vice President Joe Biden knows how to work a room.

In remarks made on Tuesday night at a fundraiser for Massachusetts Senate candidate Ed Markey in front of an audience of donating (doting?) Democrats, Biden went for the jugular.

In a reference to Al Gore, who introduced Biden at the Washington, D.C., event, Biden said, “This man was elected president of the United States of America,” according to the pool report.

“But for the good of the nation, when the bad decision, in my view, was made, he did the right thing for the nation,” Biden continued.

The Supreme Court decided the 2000 presidential election in favor of George W. Bush, a decision accepted by former Vice President Gore. But the election left a deep wound in the Democratic Party, one that Biden was happy to pour salt in Tuesday as he sought to drum up cash as well as energy for Markey.

“I’ve served longer than all but 13 members of the United States Senate. I can’t think of very many who would put his country first like that at a really, really, really difficult time. There’s an awful lot of folks Al and I both know who have run for president and still haven’t gotten over it,” Biden said.

“Al, you set an example for this country that is going to live as long as recorded history, about the man who won by a decision that I think constitutional scholars now and in the future will conclude was an ill-fated decision,” Biden said. “The way you stepped up, it was amazing.”

As Jack Posobiec pointed out in a snarky tweet, the hypocrisy is rich, even for a Democrat:

Of course, history is ripe with Democrats challenging elections. Democrat Stacy Abrams still thinks she’s the Governor of Georgia and has not conceded her 2018 loss to Governor Brian Kemp. Many Democrats join her in that view including Biden’s right-hand gal, Kamala Harris.

Instead of being called an “insurrectionist” or a “Confederate,” Stacy Abrams received an Emmy nomination for playing herself in a one-minute voiceover spot. As The Blaze reported on Tuesday, “Receiving an Emmy Award nomination has apparently never been easier.”

Cultural Marxism, anyone?

The elites and the Fake News Media think we have no memories or that our memories are as pickled as Joe Biden’s. But thanks to people like Jack Posobiec and the Internet, the Democrats’ lies, deceptions, hypocrisy, and double standards are easily recoverable, at least for now.