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Fired by Pfizer: Former Harvard Professor Was Dismissed From CDC Committee for Promoting a Non-mRNA “Vaccine”

(The Dossier)—Martin Kulldorff, one of the three original co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, just published an eye-opening piece in City Journal, titled, “Harvard Tramples the Truth.”

[For the uninitiated, the Great Barrington Declaration was the first widespread, organized institutional rebuttal to lockdown fanaticism.

From 2003 to 2021, Kulldorff, a highly accomplished biostatistician, was a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. During the Covid era, he joined Jeffrey Tucker’s Brownstone Institute and co-founded the Academy for Science and Freedom at Hillsdale College]

In the article, Kulldorff reveals that in 2021, he was fired from the CDC’s Covid Vaccine Safety Working Group not because of any supposed “anti-vax” skepticism, but because he disagreed with the decision to pause the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.

“I was fired from the CDC Covid Vaccine Safety Working Group—not because I was critical of vaccines but because I contradicted CDC policy,” he writes, adding that he was also fired from his Harvard faculty position for opposing Covid mandates.

Kulldorff cited a study showing that there was no evidence the adenovirus-vector vaccines (which includes the J&J shot) were causing blood clots in elderly people. Kulldorff took to writing op-eds and speaking out on social media to make the appeal that the J&J injection should remain available in a marketplace where the only other competitors in America were Pfizer and Moderna. The two mRNA Covid shots have become notorious for links to blood clot issues.

Now, it’s fair to scrutinize Kulldorff’s reasoning, which was misguided at the time and remains so in the article. Although well intentioned, he advances the idea that the Covid shots were beneficial to some age and risk categories within the population. Unfortunately, this is just not backed by evidence, and it relies on corrupted statistics from Pharma-backed studies published in laughably captured academic medical journals. There is still no evidence that any Covid-labeled shot, mRNA shot or not, works to mitigate or prevent the conditions caused by a respiratory disease. But hindsight is 20/20, and it’s worth giving Kulldorff the time and space to capitulate on this issue.

What I can tell you, having met Kulldorff on multiple occasions, is that he’s coming from a good place. And he’s consistently made it clear that he’s opposed to vaccine mandates and that he does not take money from Pharma. In my view, he is to be applauded for his courage and bravery, having so much to lose at the time (and having paid the price), for being one of the first major scientists out of the gate to condemn lockdowns and other draconian Covid restrictions.

Nonetheless, all of the Covid shots were scams. To this day, there remains no functional vaccine for the Wuhan sniffles.

Yet Kulldorff reveals a more powerful truth within his personal story.

He found out the hard way that there is no crossing the tracks of the institutional freight train that is the Big Pharma-Government Health system of institutional capture that persists in America today.

Due to his impressive academic credentials and a very long track record of non partisan scientific accomplishment, Kulldorff wasn’t easy to write off in the corporate media as some plebeian radical who is crazy enough to “do his own research” instead of “listening to the experts.” No, he threatened the gravy train that produced hundreds of billions of lawsuit-protected taxpayer dollars that were making their way to Pfizer and Moderna. And for that sin, he was swiftly removed from his role on the CDC working group. The Johnson & Johnson blood clot narrative smear campaign (which inundated all of the corporate media), which was likely launched by its competitors, was so effective that it led J&J to leave the market shortly thereafter, leaving Americans with only two options (Pfizer and Moderna) of Covid vaccines to choose from.