Final Batch of Pfizer Documents for Ages 16+ Released to Public and WOW

It no longer amazes most cognizant Americans to hear that Big Pharma and our own government conspired to promote dangerous “vaccines” to the people. They had their own agendas and saving lives wasn’t among them.

The final batch of Pfizer documents pertaining to Americans 16 and older have been released and they’re as damning as many of us expected. Here’s a breakdown by Twitter user Chief Nerd:

For those who do not want to read all of the documents, here are the two biggest takeaways. First, both Pfizer and government “watchdogs” acknowledged that the limited testing done on the jabs was insufficient to determine if they were safe. One would think that would be an important factor before issuing an Emergency Use Authorization and forcing millions of Americans to get injected in order to live semi-normal lives.

Second and more importantly, they KNEW the jabs caused cardiac events but pretended like there wasn’t enough data to draw that conclusion. So by their logic, there wasn’t enough testing to determine safety but the data that showed the jabs were unsafe wasn’t sufficient to delay the EUA.

The worst part about all of this is that they no longer care. The vast majority of Americans took at least one jab and received the damage it did to their bodies. For Big Pharma and government, it’s mission accomplished. Nothing can be done now to reverse the procedures. No repercussions will fall on anyone other than possibly a few minor lackeys.

They truly hate us and they no longer care that we know it.