Paul Gosar

Fewer Than One in Seven House Republicans Have a Good Liberty Score Grade

RINOs, NeoCons, and puppets of the UniParty Swamp dominate the Republican Party on Capitol Hill. This isn’t new and it isn’t likely to change anytime soon, but it’s still startling to see how bad the GOP has gotten.

Even more shocking is how few Republican voters realize they keep electing people who are working against their best interests, the nation, and the so-called Republican platform.

Steve Deace from The Blaze put some names to the few good ones in Congress. By his tally, only 30 out of 222 House Republicans have a 90% score on Conservative Review’s Liberty Score:

There are currently just 30 out of 222 House Republicans who have a 90% (A-grade) or higher Liberty Score via Conservative Review:

  • Biggs
  • Bishop
  • Boebert
  • Buck
  • Burchett
  • Cloud
  • Clyde
  • Davidson
  • Donalds
  • Duncan
  • Gohmert
  • Good
  • Gooden
  • Gosar
  • Greene
  • Herrell
  • Hice
  • Jordan
  • Mann
  • Massie
  • McClintock
  • Miller
  • Mooney
  • Moore
  • Nehls
  • Norman
  • Rosendale
  • Roy
  • Steube
  • Tiffany

On the other hand, 93/222 House Republicans currently have a Liberty Score under 70% (D/F-grade).

In other words, there are three times more terrible Republicans currently in the House then there are excellent ones.

Those who think we’re going to elect our way out of the current messes in this country get two things wrong. First, the rigged elections mean even many of the Republicans who are allowed to win are actually just stooges for the UniParty Swamp. Second, until there are actual conservatives and America First patriots in control of the party itself, it’s just going to be a lesser-of-two-evils scenario at best.

In some scenarios, the Republicans actually advance the machinations of the Globalist Elite Cabal faster than the Democrats. The Senate GOP is even worse than the House.

We have to stop thinking along the lines of Republican versus Democrat. That should be a very loose guideline to cover the basics, but we need to do much better than that with our discernment. This is why I’ve said for years that the primary elections are exponentially more important than the general elections. If we keep sending RINOs to the halls of government, we’re just empowering the UniParty Swamp. We need patriots who actually love this nation and work for the people to be our representatives.

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