Ballot Drop Box

Fentanyl-Laced Envelopes Sent by Antifa Terrorists to Election Offices Are Far More Sinister Than Most Believe

Earlier this week, election officials in multiple offices across the country received threatening letters via mail, some of which contained deadly fentanyl. Even touching the powder can be fatal.

One would think that this would be a huge story covered by corporate media, but it was mostly relegated to local reports. It barely made the nightly network news and cable news didn’t bother to call in their puffed-up “domestic terrorism experts” who get way more credit than they deserve.

The reasons are obvious, as noted by Headline USA:

  • The letters were sent by Antifa in Portland
  • They contained leftist symbols, including pervert pride flags, pentagrams, and emblems for the Social Democrat Party of Germany
  • The message was anti-right, stating, “Stop giving power to the right that they don’t have. We are in charge now and there is no more need for them.”

But while the fentanyl was the lede for most of the corporate media reports and the Antifa angle dominated reports from conservative media, the real story here is that whoever sent them telegraphed how they plan on disrupting upcoming elections.

By “whoever sent them,” I mean that I’m not completely convinced this was Antifa. It has all of the right markers for Antifa domestic terrorists and their calls for “direct action,” but there’s one huge problem with that notion. They threatened ballot boxes which are far more beneficial to Democrats than Republicans.

“Also be aware your ballot drops are very susceptible to noxious chemicals like AM/BL,” the letters read. “They are unsafe to the public. Just saying.”

Their message in all-caps is also telling: “END ELECTIONS NOW.”

The thugs in Antifa are very likely the source of this terrorist attack (they sent a deadly drug via mail, so yes, this was an attack). But let’s not take for granted that the powers-that-be could be planting a seed here, whether they’re using Antifa as their lackeys engaging in a false flag. We’ve heard more and more lately about ending elections. It’s a message that’s promoted by the left and then echoed in warning by the right. Could this be a setup for events next year that could actually subvert or even displace the 2024 election?

It’s true that ballot drop boxes are vulnerable. They’ve been left that way by the UniParty Swamp to aid in their election-rigging agenda. Something tells me that there’s more to this story than what’s being reported. But as noted, both far-left Antifa and the UniParty Swamp wouldn’t want the public to be concerned about drop boxes… unless they want something even easier to rig.

This is the part where we get extremely speculative and I’ll note up front that I don’t think this theory is likely. But if we’ve learned one thing over the past four years, it’s that things that seem unlikely often become a certainty. We shouldn’t dismiss the prospects of crazy things happening in 2024 and beyond. So put on your tinfoil hats…

Imagine if it’s deemed that the elections are under credible threat. Imagine if both drop boxes and polling locations are considered to be terrorist targets. It would not be hard for the Swamp to gin up bipartisan support for a “solution” in the form of digital balloting. They’d need to jump through a whole lot of hoops, but if they could pull it off they could nationalize elections through constitutional amendment (or manufacture consensus from the states), digitize elections through public-private partnerships, and control the results from anywhere.

The best (albeit very thin) circumstantial evidence that makes me think this scenario is possible is the timing of the letters allegedly sent by Antifa. It’s a year before the election. Antifa operates in the here and now. They react, and while some of their reactions are pre-planned and coordinated, they’re still triggered by an event such as the George Floyd video. The machinations of the powers-that-be span months, years, and decades. If they wanted to subvert the 2024 election, now seems like the perfect time to plant the fentanyl-laced seeds.

To reiterate, this is all speculation and, Lord willing, it’s too much of a stretch to be reality. But I haven’t seen anything that completely removes this scenario from the realm of possibility. I hope I do because if this theory is true, then our constitutional republic is gone.

Am I just crazy? Tell me your thoughts about this theory on my Substack.