Blood Tribe

Feds Rebrand Themselves: “Patriot Front” Now Appears to Be “Blood Tribe” as They Prance Around in the Same Khakis

Update: Some have noted on social media that Patriot Front and Blood Tribe are separate organizations. I don’t disagree. The Fed connection to them is the tie that binds as they coordinate with the same strategies repeated over and over and over again. Thus, the khakis.

Original Article:

What is it with khaki pants and white supremacy groups infiltrated by FBI agents? That’s just one of the questions being asked about the latest attempt to frame the entirety of the “right-wing” as mask-wearing Neo-Nazis prancing about in masks and khakis.

Their latest attempt to make headlines and give corporate media fodder to use against the right happened during a pervert Pride event in Watertown, Wisconsin.

As Wall Street Silver noted on Twitter, it makes sense that they’d change names.

It looks like the Feds got tired of using the name “Patriot Front” because it had already been exposed. Now the Feds are using the name “Blood Tribe” and carrying flags in Watertown Wisconsin protesting a Pride event. Similar Fed uniform clothing and masks that they used when they were using the name Patriot Front.


As always, this is ridiculous but it needs to be exposed. The real question is what the Feds have planned once they get enough coverage of their white supremacist groups.