Katharine McPhee

Fed Up American Idol Alum Katharine McPhee Blames “Woke Voters” for Crime in Democrat Hellhole LA

As more Americans are waking up to the reality that weak Democrat policies cause immense damage, especially in large cities, the push to fight rampant crime is likely going to translate well for Republicans in November. Even Hollywood isn’t completely shielded from the carnage. The latest star to apparently get partially red-pilled is American Idol alum, singer, and actress Katharine McPhee.

According to Fox News:

Katharine McPhee is blaming “woke” voters for the rise in crime in Beverly Hills. On her Instagram story on Wednesday, the “American Idol” alum expressed her frustration at the “sad state” Los Angeles finds itself in.

“I blame every single one of you woke voters,” she said. “Seniors getting beat up while walking. Keep voting for this. What a sad state this city is in.”

During McPhee’s rant, the singer said she will no longer be wearing her expensive jewelry, specifically on her wrists and fingers, while she’s out and about in Los Angeles. In her posts, she also mentioned her endorsement of Rick Caruso, who is running for mayor in Los Angeles.

McPhee isn’t the first to differentiate between what she considers her fellow “normal” Democrats and “woke” Democrats pushing Defund Police measures and supporting District Attorneys and Mayors installed by George Soros. But here’s the thing. Standard operating procedure in the Democrat Party since around 2019 has become fully embedded with so-called “woke” policies. McPhee and other Democrats may not realize it yet, but they are no longer the majority in their own party.