Feckless Supreme Court Won't Hear Transgender Bathroom Case, Allows Feelings to Supersede Biology in Schools

Feckless Supreme Court Won’t Hear Transgender Bathroom Case, Allows Feelings to Supersede Biology in Schools

If you thought the “conservative” Supreme Court would defend our nation against the onslaught of Cultural Marxism erupting in our schools and engulfing out lives, think again. Only two of the nine Justices — Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas — voted to hear a case that would have returned a ban on transgender students defying their biological sex and using the restrooms of their chosen gender in public schools.

As a result, boys who claim to be girls can go into the girls’ restroom whenever they choose. According to Daily Wire:

On Monday, the Supreme Court turned down an opportunity to reverse a ruling that permitted students identifying as the opposite sex to use the opposite sex’s bathrooms.

The Court declined to hear the case of Gavin Grimm, a Virginia female student who identifies as a boy who had sued the Gloucester County school board for stating that restrooms were “limited to the corresponding biological genders.”

This opens the door to dangers for students, particularly female students who must now share their facilities with biological males. With no clear understanding of who is considered transgender other than one’s own declarations, we can expect bad things to happen. Of course, these things will not be reported by mainstream media as this “woke” judgment must be protected by the Cultural Marxists at all costs.

According to WaPo:

As is its custom, the court did not say why it was rejecting the appeal of the Gloucester County school district. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. said they would have accepted the case. The court’s decision not to take up the case does not establish a national precedent.

In a 2-to-1 decision last August, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit said the school board had practiced sex-based discrimination and violated the 14th Amendment by prohibiting Grimm, a transgender student, from using the bathroom that aligned with his gender identity. His high school offered a single-stall restroom as an alternative.

The good news is that the issue isn’t set in stone. By declining to hear the case, the Supreme Court has essentially punted until a future case comes before them. School board, city, and state governments can still issue rules that can and almost certainly will be challenged. If one of those challenges reaches the Supreme Court again, they’ll have another opportunity to determine if biological boys who think they’re girls can use the girls’ restroom and visa versa.

Of course the three progressive Justices and “moderate” Chief Justice Roberts declined. But seeing all three Trump appointees — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett — side against biology was thoroughly disappointing.