Richard Trask

FBI Malfeasance on Clear Display as Multiple Bombshells Drop From Gretchen Witchmer Fednapping Plot

Many Americans have woken up to the notion that the FBI is a political organization working on behalf of the leftist Deep State ever since their raid of Mar-a-Lago. But the long history of FBI malfeasance and political motivations is being exposed even more through revelations of their attempt to entrap citizens through their “Fednapping” plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

As I noted on Twitter:

The FBI was a corrupt political organization long before the Mar-a-Lago raid and they will continue to be corrupt until they’re disbanded.

Things are getting even worse for them, though one probably wouldn’t know if they get their news through corporate media. There has been an absolute blackout following new information coming out of the investigation into not only the failed entrapment plot, but also the methods used to perpetuate the plot itself.

According to American Greatness writer Julie Kelly:

Holy Moly–tuning in to Whitmer trial. FBI agent handling one of the informants admitted a female FBI informant slept in the same hotel room and same bed as Barry Croft, the informant’s target. This was related to a training exercise in Wisconsin hosted by another FBI informant.

Under cross, FBI agent couldn’t say if that was against FBI policy handling informants. “Sometimes informants have to play along.” They also smoked pot together. FBI agent: “It’s an illegal activity. They can’t participate in that.” At least 5 FBI informants surveilled Croft.

Text from FBI handler to FBI informant tasking Croft: “Keep working to solve the differences in the group. Show them they were brought together by Croft and he has good ideas.” Defense atty notes FBI wanted to keep an alleged terror group together that wanted to disband.

Defense atty: “The Facebook page that all this was going through was created by the government. We put in a record today that showed that Steve Robeson (FBI informant) created the event in Wisconsin that you’re going to hear a lot about”

During break, let’s talk about some of the fine men and women in the FBI involved in the fednapping. Steve Robeson is a convicted felon a few times over who the govt now claims committed 2 other crimes while working the hoax. Here he is:

Robeson was paid at least $20k to work the hoax. He organized a “militia” conference in Ohio a week after the Floyd riots to bring group together, hosted numerous excursions, and recorded hundreds of hours of conversations with FBI targets in this case.

FBI agent Richard Trask was a lead investigator in the case. He was fired after being arrested for assaulting his wife in a drunken rage after a swingers party. Here’s video of his arrest (he wasn’t charged with DUI even tho he’s clearly intoxicated)

Trask was caught posting anti-Trump hate on social media while Trump was president

The 2 agents in charge of the primary informant also were removed from the case amid scandal–one was moonlighting and using his position at FBI to gin up business and another was accused of perjury in separate case. One agent instructed his informant…

to target a disabled Vietnam vet in Virginia to concoct the same plot against Gov. Northam. “Mission is to kill the governor specifically.” Only the best!

To call the FBI a clownshow would be an insult to clowns. This organization’s corruption runs deep. It no longer resembles a law enforcement agency, if ever it really did. Today, the FBI is nothing but a political tool.

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