Fascistbook Unveils New Spy Glasses, But Mark Zuckerberg Himself Puts Tape Over His Laptop Camera, Mic

Fascistbook Unveils New Spy Glasses, But Mark Zuckerberg Himself Puts Tape Over His Laptop Camera, Mic

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was certainly proud of the new “Ray-Ban Stories,” the spyglasses that put a camera on your face to broadcast to the world. He noted that “everyone will know if you’re recording” since there’s a red light that comes on. What he ignored is the obvious use of black tape to keep people from seeing that they’re being spied on.

We know he ignored it rather than failed to think about it because he uses tape over the camera and mic on his own laptop, he showed in a 2016 video. Watch:

According to Buzzfeed News:

The first thing you’ll notice about Facebook’s new camera glasses is that they are not called Facebook Glasses — they are called Ray-Ban Stories. This is because they are made in partnership with Ray-Ban (a cool company that no one hates), and Facebook has had a rough couple of years in the public eye. And “Stories” because, you know, Instagram stories and Facebook stories and also Snapchat “story,” lol.

If the idea of camera sunglasses seems familiar, perhaps that’s because it sounds like Snapchat Spectacles, which launched in 2016. In what I can only imagine is a loving tribute, Facebook has named its camera sunglasses “Stories” after the other signature product that Facebook/Instagram lifted from Snapchat.

For clarity’s sake, I will herein refer to Ray-Ban Stories as “Facebook glasses,” because that’s exactly what I know you are thinking when you read this. The words “Facebook” and “glasses” are making the hair on the back of your neck stand up, right? The phrase “secret spy camera glasses” is making your heart race. The phrase “and it’s made by FACEBOOK!” makes you emit a blood-curdling scream. Knowing that Facebook is discussing building facial recognition into these things curdles the stomach.

I know.

As is always the case, the Barons of Silicon Valley preach privacy and security while putting out platforms that ignore both. These new spy glasses are just the latest iteration of their attempt to document the world. While it’s being billed as a way to “capture the moment” without having to pull out one’s phone, there are distinct privacy concerns that these companies invariably fail to address. The NSA is pleased by all of this.

Next time you see someone sporting Ray-Bans, be sure to look for one of the cameras. They may be recording you and if the light is taped, like Mark Zuckerberg himself is known to do, then only eagle-eyed people will even know.