Fascistbook 'Fact Checks' Study by Stanford pHDs with Old Article Written by Undergrad with No Science Background

Fascistbook ‘Fact Checks’ Study by Stanford PhDs with Old Article Written by Undergrad with No Science Background

A preprint study performed by Stanford’s Catherine Axfors and John Ioannidis shows how the data very clearly indicates low Infection Fatality Rates (IFR) in people under the age of 70. Their study pulled massive amounts of data from 14 countries and they performed an extensive analysis to decipher.

The biggest takeaways from the study were that deaths among the elderly that could truly be attributed to Covid-19 were greatly exaggerated though still high, especially in those over 85-years-old. The second big takeaway is that the IFR for all age groups under 70 was below 1%.

You can’t say that on Facebook, though. They have an article from months ago by a graduate student with no scientific background that totally debunks Stanford’s scientists, y’all!

According to the study that’s being suppressed, the IFR by age group shows anyone over 70 should take precautions while everyone else should be living their lives. This is a narrative that has not been approved by the powers-that-be because their agenda requires incessant fear in order to proceed.

Here are the IFR numbers from the study:

  • Overall Elderly, 70+: 5.5%
  • Elderly in Communities, 70+: 2.4%
  • 60-69: 0.59%
  • 50-59: 0.27%
  • 40-49: 0.082%
  • 30-39: 0.031%
  • 20-29: 0.014%
  • 0-19: 0.0027%

When does a partially educated “fact-checker” with no science background supersede respected Stanford researchers with PhDs? When the research shows anything that doesn’t scream “FEAR COVID!”